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Kenika Battery 122000 - 12V 200AH

Kenika Battery 122000 - 12V 200AH
Kenika Battery 122000 - 12V 200AH
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  • Model: 12V 200AH
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • Dimensions: 52.20cm x 23.80cm x 22.10cm
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• Tegangan battery 12V
• Arus pengisian: 200Ah
• Tidak memerlukan perawatan
• Mudah dalam instalasi


Nominal Voltage 12V (6 Cells in Series)
Rated Capacity 200.0Ah (C₁₀, 1.80V/cell)
Dimension Length: 522±3 mm
Width: 238±3 mm
Height: 218±3 mm
Total Height: 221±3 mm
Nominal Capacity @25°C (Ah) 20 Hour Rate (10.72A to 10.8V): 214.4Ah
10 Hour Rate (20.20A to 10.8V): 202.0Ah
5 Hour Rate (34.58A to 10.8V): 172.9Ah
1 Hour Rate (126.6A to 10.8V): 126.6Ah
Approx. Weight 55.5kg
Terminal T13
Max. Discharge Current 1300A @25°C (5s)
Internal Resistance 3.5mΩ @25°C (Full Charge Battery)
Floating Design Life 10 Years @25°C
Ambient Temperature Charge: –15°C ~ 50°CDischarge: –20°C ~ 60°CStorage: –20°C ~ 50°C
Container Material A.B.S, UL94–HB, UL94–V0, Optional
Self Discharge VRLA batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25°C. Self–Discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25°C. Please charge batteries before using.

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