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Kenika Gasoline Generator ZH7500

Kenika Gasoline Generator ZH7500
Kenika Gasoline Generator ZH7500
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  • Model: Kenika Gasoline Generator ZH7500
  • Weight: 84.00kg
  • Dimensions: 71.00cm x 53.00cm x 55.00cm
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Kenika Gasoline Generator ZH7500 6.5kW mampu memberikan sumber daya listrik yang cukup dan stabil, serta memberikan cadangan listrik dengan kualitas terbaik untuk mempermudah segala pekerjaan Anda di tempat yang tidak memiliki aliran listrik.

Model : ZH7500

Rated Output Power : 6.0KW

Max. Output Power : 6.5KW

Rated Frequency : 50Hz

Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated Rotation Speed : 3000RPM

DC Output : 12V 8A

Power Factor Cos : 1

Noise Level : 70-74dB (A)/7m

Model : ZH420

Bore x Stroke : 90x64mm

Displacement : 423cc

Compression Ratio : 8.0:1

Max. Output : 15.0HP/3600RPM

Max. Torque : 23.5HP.m/2500RPM

Ignition System : Non-Contact Transistorized Ignition (TCI)

Starting System : Recoil and Hand-Operated

Rotation Direction : Clockwise

Air Cleaner : Semi-Dry, Oil Bath, Dual, Double Silent and Cyclone Type

Spark Plug : F6RTC

Fuel Consumption : 275g/HP-Hour

Overal Dimension : 710x530x550mm

N.W/G.W : 82/84kg

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