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INVT Elevator Intelligent Integrated Machine EC160-015-4

INVT Elevator Intelligent Integrated Machine EC160-015-4
INVT Elevator Intelligent Integrated Machine EC160-015-4
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  • Model: EC160-015-4
  • Weight: 10.00kg
  • Dimensions: 34.00cm x 48.00cm x 28.00cm
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EC160 adalah sistem lift kontrol cerdas baru yang dikembangkan dengan konsep desain yang mengintegrasikan drive, kontrol dan komunikasi jaringan bersama-sama. Ini mengadopsi teknologi V/control F maju, lift teknologi kontrol cerdas dan teknologi jaringan komunikasi, mengintegrasikan lift drive, kontrol dan manajemen bersama-sama.


Model EC160-015-4
I/O Characteristics
Output Power 15kW
Output Voltage Range
0 ~ Rated Input Voltage
Output Frequency Range 0 ~ 400Hz
Input Voltage Range
3 Phase AC 380V±15%
Input Frequency Range 47-63Hz
Output Current 34A
Input Current 40A
Peripheral Interface Characteristics
Digital Low Voltage Input 24 Digital Inputs, 9-30V
High Voltage Detection Input 3 High Voltage Detection Inputs, 110V/220V
Switch Output Standard: 6 Relay NO Outputs, 5A/250 VAC
Communication Interface 2 Groups of CANbus, 2 Groups of Modbus
Encoder Interface Standard: SIN/COS, UVW, Incremental Encoder Interface Optional: Endat 2.1, Rotary PG Card
Technical Control Characteristics
Control Mode V/F, Open Loop Vector, Close Loop Vector
Speed Control Accuracy Sensorless Vector Control: ±0.5% of the Max. Speed; PG Vector Control: ±0.1% of the Max. Speed
Starting Torque Sensorless Vector Control: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC); PG Vector Control: 0Hz/180% (VC)
Overload Capacity 150% of the Rated Current: 60s, 180% of the Rated Current: 10s, 200% of the Rated Current: 1s
Carrier Frequency 1.0-16kHz, Adjust Carrier Frequency Automatically According to Load Characteristics, Default Value: 6kHz
Braking Unit Built-In
Min. Braking Resistor 32Ω/4500W
Dimensions 223 mm × 347 mm × 169 mm
Box Size 340 mm × 480 mm × 275 mm
Gross Weight 10 kg

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