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Kenika SPC4000VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Kenika SPC4000VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Kenika SPC4000VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
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  • Model: SPC4000VA
  • Weight: 31.00kg
  • Dimensions: 37.00cm x 24.00cm x 48.00cm
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Inverter multifungsi berfrekuensi rendah dengan gelombang sinus murni ini bisa diatur untuk bekerja dalam working mode atau sleep mode.

Di mode utility, terdapat fungsi Auto Voltage Regulation (AVR), fungsi pengisian daya dan fungsi UPS.

Juga memiliki keunggulan antara lain kualitas yang stabil, kemampuan membawa beban yang kuat dan umur pemakaian yang panjang.


Model SPC4000VA
Rated Output Power 3000 Watt
Peak Power 6000 Watt
AC Input Voltage : 220V±35% Or 110V+35% (Optional)
Frequency : 50Hz  Or 60Hz
AC Output Voltage : 220V±3% Or 230V±3% Or 240V±3%  Or 100V+3% Or110V+3% (Optional)
Frequency : 50Hz ± 0.5 Or 60Hz ± 0.5 (Optional)
Batt Voltage (DC) 12 Volt/24 Volt
PWM Solar Controller Voltage : 12 Volt/24 Volt
Current : 40 A
PV Max Input Voltage : 24 Volt  System : 50 Volt and  PV Max Input Voltage : 40 Volt  System :  100 Volt
Overload ability > 120% 1 menit pada Peak Power, > 130% 10s
Efisiensi 80% - 90%
Display Display Mode : LCD+LED
Display Information : Input/Output Voltage, Output Freq, Battery Capacity, Load Condition, Status Information
Output Wave Type Pure Sine Wave Output, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) ≤ 3
Utility Charge AC Current : 0 ~15 A
Charge Time : Depend On Battery Capacity  and Quantity
Battery Protection : Automatic Detection, Charge and Discharge Protection, Intellegent Management
PV Charge Total Current Of PV should be less than Rate Current Of PWM Solar Controller
Power Consumption Sleep Mode : 0 ~6 W
Normal Mode : 1 ~3 A
Conversion Efficiency 80% ~90%
Transfer Time < 5 ms (AC to DC Or DC to AC)
Protection Overload, Short Circuit, High Input Voltage, Low Input Voltage, Overheat
Environment Temperature : ~100C-500C
Humidity :  10%-80%
Humidity : ≤4000m
Size WxDxH(mm) 350*220*460
Packing Size (mm) 370*240*480
Net Weight (Kg) 29
Gross Weight (Kg) 31

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