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Kenika Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter EAF 5000W

Kenika Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter EAF 5000W
Kenika Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter EAF 5000W
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  • Model: Kenika Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter EAF 5000W
  • Weight: 76.00kg
  • Dimensions: 360.00mm x 662.00mm x 905.00mm
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Sistem ini tidak terkoneksi dengan jaringan listrik yang ada. Karena bersifat mandiri, maka diperlukan baterai untuk menyimpan tenaga listrik yang dihasilkan oleh PV.

Sistem Hybrid Off-Grid biasanya dipakai di daerah yang tidak ada jaringan listrik atau energi listriknya kurang. Jika diaplikasikan di rumah yang sudah ada jaringan listrik, maka perlu dilakukan modifikasi untuk jaringan listrik di rumah. Sistem ini juga bisa digunakan untuk lampu penerangan jalan, lampu taman, dan sebagainya.

Model : EAF 5000W
Rated Power : 5kW
Battery Voltage : 192Vdc
Operating Mode : PV Priority/AC Priority
PV Input
Input Voltage Range : 192400Vdc
Max. Charging Current : 1060A (Selectable)
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) : 240284Vdc
Max. PV Power (Pmax) : 11520W
Max. Conversion Efficiency : 98%
AC Input
Input Voltage: 165275Vac
Input Frequency : 4070Hz (Overclocking : Auto Transfer to DC Power Supply)
Output Voltage : 220Vac 5%
Input Power Factor : 0.8
Max. Efficiency : 88% (On Mode)
Max. Charging Current : 12A
Short Circuit : CurrentLimiting, Transfer to Bypass; Air CircuitBreaker
Inverter Output
Output Voltage : 220Vac 5%
Output Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz 1% (AutoSense)
Waveform: : Sinusoidal
Output Power Factor : 1
Waveform Distortion: 5% (ar Load)
Transfer Time (PV AC) : 0ms
Max. Efficiency : 92%
Short Circuit : CurrentLimiting, Transfer to Bypass or System Auto Shutdown
Utility Power Abnormal : 4s Per Beep, Auto Mute in 40s
Low Battery : 0.2s Per Beep
Overload : 1s Per Beep
Communication Interface : RS232, USB, RS485, SNMP (Optional)
Dry s : PV Fault, Low Battery, Overload, Bypass, Inverter Fault, Generator ON/OFF
Overload Protections : 110% for 255s; 125% for 60s; 150% for 10s
Wiring : Terminal Blocks
EMI : EN620402:2006; EN6100032:2006; EN6100033:2008
IP Rating : IP20
Ambient Temperature : 0C 40C
Relative Humidity : 10% 90% (NonCondensing)
Noise : 50dB

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